Manifestation 101... for the Skeptic

Nov 06, 2018

I recently turned a corner when it comes to manifestation. As in, I have become kind of obsessed with it, and even if it's a placebo situation I am totally okay with it. 

Have you heard of it? 

Do you practice it? 

Manifestation basically means that something that was once a part of your imagination becomes actualized into your physical reality. Everything starts as an idea before it is built. Kind of like that saying "if you believe it, you can achieve it."

Everything in your reality has been created from ideas, or thoughts. 

When you think a thought enough, it becomes a subconscious belief. And 95% of the thoughts you think per day are subconscious thoughts. Those beliefs become stories that you tell yourself, and when you tell yourself that same story long enough it becomes your identity. Your identity determines the actions that you take and shapes your reality or your environment.

You may begin to see here how these thoughts can be positive or...

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Your Client Attraction Strategy

Oct 09, 2018

What is the typical response that you have when someone is chasing you…?

You run.

It’s human nature, so why when we talk about sales and marketing in our business do we constantly find ourselves pursuing clients and having them RUN away from us?

Wouldn’t you rather have your clients come to you, versus have them running away screaming?

This is why you need a client attraction strategy. And funnily enough this strategy looks a lot like offering up VALUE for your potential customers. FOR FREE.

Really SERVING them and giving them a taste of what it is like to work with you.

When I first started my business, I was doing what all of the experts said to do when you have an online business to get clients. I was hosting webinars that gave frameworks and tidbits of information, but not really sharing my zone of genius in a way that made my customers realize what it would be like to work with me.  

I found that a majority of my clients (80%) were...

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Take Care of Yourself

Oct 02, 2018

I've recently joined a bunch of Facebook groups in a similar space to the one I operate in. Business owners are posting in these groups bragging about how many hours per day they work, trying to one up each other like it is something to be proud of.

But, those are the same business owners who eventually post about how sick, burnt out or tired they are. 

Stress and burn out are REAL. If we put our minds and bodies under constant stress and work, they will revolt. Bodies do it all the time. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are in your business for the long haul...

And we all know from the children's story that slow and steady wins the race. 

Then there is the 'self care' crowd, discussing daily massages, baths, candles, crystals and more.

To me, self care just means... taking care of yourself. Doing what you need to do in order to show up as the best version of yourself. When you run a business there can be such a blurry line between life and work. 


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What's Your End Game?

Sep 25, 2018

Anyone else hearing Taylor Swift's 'End Game' in their head with that title..? No, just me... ok! Down to business. 

If you’re anything like me, you spend your days building, growing, and scaling your business. But have you ever asked yourself what your business will look like when it’s ‘done’?

In a perfect world, how many clients would you have?

What kind of services do you provide?

How many employees do you have?

How much money are you making?

What kind of lifestyle do you have?

If you haven’t done this exercise yet, take a moment to do so. As Steven Covey said in '7 Habits of Highly Effective People',  "begin with the end in mind". If you know what you are trying to build it creates a great filter for any new products, ideas, hires, etc.

You’ll become more focused on building the business you actually want versus being distracted by what others in the space are doing.

They have a different endgame.

For example, if you know...

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Your Perfect Week & An Invitation

Sep 18, 2018

What if I told you that a little structure could bring A LOT more freedom into your life and by freedom, I mean time. If you are like most entrepreneurs you may be a little hesitant... but by structuring your week and creating boundaries between work and life, focusing on the tasks that make the biggest impact in your business, and following the rules you have set out for yourself you can actually reduce the amount of time you’re working AND get more things accomplished.

If you’d rather watch a video on this topic check it out here:

What you want, versus what you say you want...

I used to say that I wanted to learn to speak french, but speaking french never ended up on my calendar.. So guess what? I never learned French. It was something that I said I wanted, but it wasn’t important enough to me to actually do it. What ‘French’ do you have in your life and business? If it really is...

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Using your strengths in your business

Sep 11, 2018


Today I want to touch on the business you are building and if it is aligned with YOU and what you are good at. I see a lot of entrepreneurs who are modeling what the big names in their space are doing. But what you don't see is that there is a ton of stuff going on behind the scenes of that persons business.  Including the type of business that entrepreneur is striving for (their vision) and what their strengths are that are making that business what it is.

Our strengths can sometimes be really hard to put into words, and for me it was actually hard to recognize that things that I did were my strengths.

Using the really common metaphor... a fish can’t tell they are in water. In this case, that means that sometimes when you are really good at things, you just kind of assume that other people are also good at those things.

 If you are struggling with Identifying which strengths you have and how you can create a business to support that there are a couple of...

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Created Future

Sep 04, 2018

One of the reasons that I named my business the Created Future Academy is because we all have the ability to create whatever future we desire.

First in our minds and then in our reality.

Our future only exists in our mind so we can really have any future we want... right?

It hasn’t happened yet, it isn’t real. Just like our interpretation of our past experiences, that isn’t real either, it’s in our minds. Sure it happened, but it's our interpretation of what happened. 

Dan Sullivan says that your future is your property. You can do anything you want with it. I really love thinking about life this way.

You are given the choice to think about your future any way you want, yet so many people dread their future. But that future they are dreading was created by their imagination...

Your future doesn’t have to be determined by your past experiences. You can make decisions based on alternative outcomes in your MIND. It’s all imaginary,...

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Multitasking is making you LESS Productive

Aug 28, 2018

Multitasking is making you less productive. Most people think that by multitasking, we are getting more things done. But there is actually a hard cost when we switch between two things or more at the same time. This is called context switching was developed by Gerald Weinberg at UCSD in the early 90’s.

Utilizing our time effectively is important ESPECIALLY when we are just starting out in our business.

If you are thinking “I am great at multitasking” then consider this. A Stanford study conducted in 2009 found that people who self identified as high multitaskers were actually worse at it. Meaning they couldn’t pay attention, switch tasks or control their memory as well as people who self identified as liking to stick to one task at a time.

So, how bad is it?

So say you were working on 1 project for 10 hours. You would have 10 hours and zero time lost to context switching. 

With 2 projects at the same time you would think okay great that is 5 hours for...

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You've Made the Decision, but have you really DECIDED?

Aug 21, 2018

If you're anything like me, it took you quite a long time to actually jump off the corporate ship in favor of what the tumultuous seas of entrepreneurship were sure to be.

But, you did it! You decided to leave. And to continue on with the water metaphor you may have spent a good amount of time 'recirculating' or getting caught up in the waves that made you spin in circles over and over again without making any further progress on your great adventure. 

Here is the hard part. Here is where we don't give up. Because there is a difference between a decision and working at something until it gets hard, changing your mind and then deciding something else. 

Did you know that the root of the word decide means to 'cut off'. So when we are making the decision to do something, actually decide it means there are no other options available to us, but the one we have chosen. 

After decision, all that is left is execution.. or as Amelia says, tenacity. "The most difficult thing is...

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Mini Productivity Training

Aug 12, 2018

Maximize your productivity so that you can avoid day to day distractions that can take you off course from achieving your goals.

To improve your execution, you’re going to need to focus on the key strategic activities each and every week.

My invitation to you is to use this method to keep yourself focused and productive this week.

If you joined me in our Create YOUR Future Workshop you already have a sense for what you want this future to look like. If you have not, make sure and grab the Create Your Future Roadmap to get clear on your vision. 

Saves Time and Provides Focus 
There should be a direct link between the actions today and the results you’re trying to achieve.
Identify the top couple of things that will have the greatest impact and then go after those THIS WEEK. 
Include due dates and assigned responsibilities.
Your weekly PLAN reflects the strategic activity that needs to...

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