Your Client Attraction Strategy

planning strategy Oct 09, 2018

What is the typical response that you have when someone is chasing you…?

You run.

It’s human nature, so why when we talk about sales and marketing in our business do we constantly find ourselves pursuing clients and having them RUN away from us?

Wouldn’t you rather have your clients come to you, versus have them running away screaming?

This is why you need a client attraction strategy. And funnily enough this strategy looks a lot like offering up VALUE for your potential customers. FOR FREE.

Really SERVING them and giving them a taste of what it is like to work with you.

When I first started my business, I was doing what all of the experts said to do when you have an online business to get clients. I was hosting webinars that gave frameworks and tidbits of information, but not really sharing my zone of genius in a way that made my customers realize what it would be like to work with me.  

I found that a majority of my clients (80%) were coming from in person masterminds. These mastermind and hot seat forums consist of people sharing the issues they were having in their business and we would go around the table providing insight and potential solutions.

I didn’t go to these things looking for clients, but rather to flex my strategy muscle that I was using with my own clients, plus I was craving some in person connections as most of my business is conducted online and we had just moved to a new city.

After the events people would come up to me and ask to work with me.. ! Wait. What?

I was offering them VALUE for free. I realized that if I wanted to attract people this way online that I would need to create a forum where I could help service based business owners come up with an implementation plan to strategically solve their problems, because that is what they would hire me for.

So who is the PERSON you want to work with?

What is one problem of theirs that you can solve?

What would they find valuable?

Can you give that, or a piece of that away to them for free.

How would they prefer to consume that value?

In person, in a Facebook group, through an email?

When you create a process that answers all of the above questions, THAT is your client attraction strategy.

Your clients will come to you because they see you as someone who can HELP them with their problem rather than someone who will SELL them something.

If you need help flushing out your Client Attraction Strategy, or want some suggestions, feedback or ideas, join us inside the Clarity Creation for Business Owners Facebook Group.



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