The Power of Being a Generator: Unlocking Satisfaction Through Energy Management

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2023

At the highest level of Human Design, there are four aura types. 


As a Generator, you are a unique and powerful being, a life force on the planet. You have consistent access to sacral energy which is the energy for life and work, the Generators are those who build the world, in the human design for business world we call you the 'builders'. 


Your energy is what sets you apart, and it's essential to your well-being and satisfaction.


However, when that energy is misused, frustration, disarray, and chaos can follow.


The key to avoiding all of that lies in how you use your energy. In Human Design, everything is centered around the correct use of energy. 


For Generators, this means responding to what comes towards them in a way that feels satisfying.


Generators are designed to respond. When a situation arises, you get to respond and follow your authority which leads to satisfaction. 


This is a simple yet powerful concept, as the more satisfaction you find, the less frustration you experience.



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