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I’m Lauren Armstrong, and it is my mission in life to help women realize their potential and live into possibilities they didn’t know existed. I help them break free from being stuck in the corporate rat race and create an online business that allows them to live life on their own terms. I’m here equip you with the tools, the plan and accountability to create something profitable that actually lights you up!

I’m committed to this journey because a few years ago, I was just like you. I was an advertising & sales major working for a huge oil company, stuck in a ‘open concept’ cube. I was totally unfulfilled in my career, working on projects I didn’t really care about and felt totally replaceable at the place I spent the majority of my life. Sure, I made six figures, had a pension and could buy an extra week of vacation and I knew I should be grateful for the gig, and I was, but I still felt unfulfilled. I could sense, deep down, there had to be something more.

I was living in Houston, TX, which I hated (sorry to any offended Houstonians out there) and there is a day I remember vividly. A coworker, Gary, stopped by my ‘cube’ and we were talking about his retirement. He had moved to Houston for one three-year assignment 25 years ago from California and had a similar feeling about the city, he was looking forward to retirement in 3 years’ time... when he could move back home and his life would actually begin at the age of 65.

When he left, my thoughts started racing...

Could I do this for the next forty years?

Could I celebrate birthdays in the ‘energy hub’ at least once a month?

Could I work through weekends for the next forty years to get a leg up?

Could I spend hours of my life in meetings that could have been quickly solved with an email?

Could I share my opinions and be told that ‘that isn’t the way we do things around here’?

Could I be on someone else’s schedule determining how and where I spent my life?

No I couldn’t, and how could someone possibly do that to themselves for so long? Was the money really worth it? It was then that I looked around at my coworkers, at my director above me, and the VP above them and realized that this is not the life I wanted to live. They were overworked, they weren’t spending time with their families and they were unhappy in this company’s version of success. There had to be something more and if I didn’t make a change, I would be exactly like Gary in 40 years. My life was worth more to me than that.

Once I made the decision that I needed to leave my corporate career I positioned myself to do it with as much grace and ease as possible. I picked a date one year in advance and I set to work learning everything I could about online business (and there was a LOT). But honestly nothing changed until I started applying what I learned.

Created Future Academy allows me to help guide women during this transition from corporate to CEO and helps clients get clear on the steps they actually need from start to finish to create their online business. From being trapped in a cage of their own success to living their freest, fullest version of their lives.

It's far too easy these days to keep doing what you’re doing because things feel comfy, to get comfortable in your well-upholstered hell. So if you want to walk down the road of true fulfillment, and want a faster path to get there, there are three ways we can work together: 

1) Business Building Immersion Retreat in Bali 

2) Six Week Group Coaching Program: Momentum! 

3) Create Your Future Foundation Course coming this Spring.

Want to see if we are a good fit to work together? Schedule a free call HERE



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