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Lauren Armstrong is a 5/1 Self Projected Projector which, in English means she loves talking things out, creating offers based on what she is recognized for and solving the problems she is invited to help lead and guide others to solve. She has a unique way of seeing the world and loves mastering the system of coaching using her favorite tool...you guessed it! Human Design. 


Her signature program is LEVERAGE: Human Design for Business where she helps coaches and course creators fill their purpose-driven programs without feeling pressured to build their businesses the way everyone else does. Lauren believes that we are all uniquely wired for what we are meant for in this life. If you’d like to learn more about how to finally drop the overthinking and comparison when it comes to your programs and offers you can visit purposewithoutpressure.com


She also runs a projector-specific ‘mastermind’ called Projector Playground helping projectors lean into their energy type and create a sustainable business by their design.


Lauren is certified as a Human Design Business Consultant through the International Human Design School. She also holds certifications in neuro-linguistic programming and time techniques, is trauma-informed and is a clinical hypnotherapist, reiki practitioner, retreat leader, author and speaker. 


Outside of human design work you can find Lauren traveling with her soon-to-be husband Jeremy and spending all the time she can get at the beach in San Diego where she lives and likely, taking a new certification to help her clients create the futures they are designed to live into.


Connect with Lauren at [email protected] and on social media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurenearmstrong_

Clubhouse: https://clubhousedb.com/user/laurenarmstrong


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