Unlock Your True Potential: The Power of Human Design Authority in Decision Making

Jan 10, 2022

Unlock Your True Potential: The Power of Human Design Authority in Decision Making

Are you tired of feeling uncertain and unaligned in your decision-making? Your Human Design Body Graph Chart holds the key to understanding how you are best designed to make decisions. The Authority in your chart reveals your unique approach to decision-making and can empower you to tap into your true potential.

Many adults fall into the trap of making decisions based on societal pressures and expectations, rather than what is aligned with their design. However, when we were children, we naturally followed our authority to make decisions. As we grow older and enter the workforce, or start businesses we may find ourselves conforming to traditional decision-making methods that do not resonate with us.

For example, as a business owner with self-projected authority, I found myself making decisions based on careful evaluation, a strategy that works well for those with emotional authority, but not for me....

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Making Decisions In Your Business

Apr 16, 2019

If you knew a way to make decisions that would leave you feeling in alignment all the damn time, would you follow it?


This is your authority as laid out in your human design body graph chart.


The Authority in your human design chart is indicative of how you are best designed to make decisions.


Like most things in human design it seems far more complicated than it is, so I have compiled a series of quotes to break down how each authority best makes decisions.


Most adults are making decisions in ways that our environment encourages, rather than what is aligned to their design.


When we are kids, we tend to follow our natural authority to make decisions because the work force hasn’t forced us to conform yet.


Personally, I have self projected authority, which means that I need to talk through decisions before I make them.


When I was younger I took full advantage of the high school guidance counselor to talk though advanced...

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