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If you knew a way to make decisions that would leave you feeling in alignment all the damn time, would you follow it?


This is your authority as laid out in your human design body graph chart.


The Authority in your human design chart is indicative of how you are best designed to make decisions.


Like most things in human design it seems far more complicated than it is, so I have compiled a series of quotes to break down how each authority best makes decisions.


Most adults are making decisions in ways that our environment encourages, rather than what is aligned to their design.


When we are kids, we tend to follow our natural authority to make decisions because the work force hasn’t forced us to conform yet.


Personally, I have self projected authority, which means that I need to talk through decisions before I make them.


When I was younger I took full advantage of the high school guidance counselor to talk though advanced class options, schedules and potential college decisions.


The counselor told my mom not to worry when it came time to college applications because I would come to the right decision by talking it out, which I was doing with her.


After becoming a business owner, however I found myself doing what I was trained to do in corporate.


Making decisions based on careful evaluation, though that is a magnificent strategy for emotional authority it wasn’t working out too well for me.


It led me to overthinking a lot of my decisions that deep down I knew the answer to, wasting a lot of valuable time and energy.


When I discovered my human design authority type I immediately tried out this new found insight. Even though my business is currently a one woman show I have been talking through my decisions on voxer. Allowing me to walkie talkie myself about all sorts of things.


I am making decisions much more quickly and I know deep down they are what I am supposed to do because I am following my authority.


When we give ourselves permission to follow this authority, things flow so much easier.

Here are the nine authority types:


Emotional Authority: “Let me sleep on it”

You need to feel through things before you make decisions, the saying ‘if it’s not a hell yes it’s a hell no’.. doesn’t apply to you. Feel it through, sleep on it, give yourself time. You will never get to a full 100% yes or no, so 80% either way is golden.


Sacral Authority: “Follow your gut”

You have always made guttural sounds; ah-huh for yes, uhn-un for no, and hmmmm for I don’t know right now. You may have learned to suppress these. Sacral response is a reliable guide to maximize satisfaction and reduce resistance, when you follow this you’ll have the energy for the projects that light you up. Get back in tune with these initial reactions.


Splenic Authority: “When you know, you know”

The splenic center is all around keeping you safe, so when things come up you’ll have an immediate inner knowing if it is healthy for you. This means to follow your authority you’ll need to make decisions in the moment and always be listening to your inner guidance.


Self Projected Authority (G/ sounding board): “can I talk things through with you?”

Discussing decisions is the most helpful way to make a decision because just hearing yourself and the energy around each choice will make the decision obvious. This Authority type often provides direction for others, but can only hear their own direction by listening to themselves talk it through.


Ego Manifested Authority: “I want it. I got it.”

You have access to yourself and the decision, by listening to what you “say” in the moment, without trying to control what comes out, you will access your truth. Follow what initially comes up for you when you speak, don’t override the decision with justifications or further thought.


Ego Projected Authority (heart): “Is that FOR ME!?”

The decision comes by asking yourself “What do I want?”, “What’s in it for me?” and you will either have the energy or not, to do something.


Mental Projected Authority: “This FEELS right to me”

You make decisions based on guidance from sensory information about the environment around you. If the place feels wrong, the people in that situation, including the exchanged ideas or bargains happening, will not be right for you.


Lunar Authority: “Give me a month”

You make the best decisions by slowing down and not letting the world rush you, you are impacted by your surroundings because you are a mirror of your environment. Surround yourself with people you trust, talk it through and one day you will arrive at a deeper inner knowing.


Now that you have identified how your designed to make aligned decisions, what would it look like if you could step back into what came naturally for you in your business and your life?


Want to chat more about those major business decisions, or gain some clarity on your next steps with someone who understands how you best make decisions? 

Not sure what your human design authority type is, or how to get your graph? 

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