Manifestation 101... for the Skeptic

alignment vision Nov 06, 2018

I recently turned a corner when it comes to manifestation. As in, I have become kind of obsessed with it, and even if it's a placebo situation I am totally okay with it. 

Have you heard of it? 

Do you practice it? 

Manifestation basically means that something that was once a part of your imagination becomes actualized into your physical reality. Everything starts as an idea before it is built. Kind of like that saying "if you believe it, you can achieve it."

Everything in your reality has been created from ideas, or thoughts. 

When you think a thought enough, it becomes a subconscious belief. And 95% of the thoughts you think per day are subconscious thoughts. Those beliefs become stories that you tell yourself, and when you tell yourself that same story long enough it becomes your identity. Your identity determines the actions that you take and shapes your reality or your environment.

You may begin to see here how these thoughts can be positive or negative and beginning with the thoughts can completely shape our realities. 

What you focus on, you create more of, so if you focus on the good thoughts, you will create more good thoughts, leading you to good feelings! How you are feeling is representative of the dominant types of thoughts. 

Now this doesn't mean you can never have a negative thought ever again in your life... it just means that we are going to focus on the positive MOST of the time. 

Following me so far..? 

Now, we get a little more Woo.. 

Everything  is made up of energy right? Science says this is so.

Well, all energy is vibrates at a certain frequency.

When you are focusing on what you WANT, you are tuning into the thoughts that represent the FREQUENCY of your desires. 

You then become an energetic match to your desires. You will then attract the experiences, events, things, and situations which are an energetic match into your reality. This demonstrates the Universal Law of Attraction. 

Like attracts like. So we want to vibrate at a high frequency, feeling things like love, joy, gratitude, acceptance and peace so that other high vibe things make their way into reality. 

We can control our reality by focusing on our thoughts and how they make us feel.  

Same is 100% true about negative thoughts and feelings. Know anyone who has experienced a ton of 'bad luck' in their life? They are focusing on the negative thoughts, the what ifs, the worry, shame, guilt and other low vibe feelings, which attracts more negativity into their life. They can be the BEST person in the world, but if they are focusing on the negative they are going to be served more of the same. 

So what kind of reality do you want to create? Focus on the vibration that will attract that into your life. 

Start monitoring what you spend the most time thinking about on a daily basis, the way you FEEL is a big indicator of where your focus is. You can change these thoughts, right now. And change your reality. 


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