How My Corporate Background was Keeping Me Stuck

mindset planning strategy Dec 18, 2018

Coming from a corporate background I've found that a lot of things I was trained to do in my career are no longer serving me now that I've made the transition into the glamorous life of entrepreneurship.⠀

I want to share my top three in the hopes that some of these may resonate with you. Because once we become aware of limiting beliefs and behavior patterns that are no longer serving us, it is so much easier to change them:

1) We were told to fill the gaps where we had weaknesses rather than encouraged to play to our strengths. Every opportunity seemed like another chance to make you a more 'well rounded employee'.⠀

When you own a business the mentality is so different. You know that your strengths are what set you apart and you can outsource any weaknesses. As business owners we don't need to learn everything, and if we try we are wasting precious time, energy and resources.

I would catch myself trying to learn something new that I hated, a couple hours into it I would realize what I was doing and that I could hire an expert. I just had to retrain myself to think as a business owner rather than an employee. Knowing that the best use of my time is in my zone of genius. 

2) If you complete something quickly in corporate... what happens? You get more work. You are not recognized for being efficient, given praise or a break, you get more to do. ⠀

I have seen this come up for me and others in the entrepreneurial space that have corporate backgrounds because we have been trained to move slow, steady and cautiously to the finish line, asking permission every step of the way. Once I realized this is how things worked in corporate, I started procrastinating to hit deadlines that were imposed by management rather than do things as quickly as I could. 

Entrepreneurship requires bold, fast action and as business owners we are the ones setting our deadlines and making things happen. The next time you find yourself procrastinating maybe ask if this could be an old corporate behavior pattern and make a different choice. 

3) When you come up with ideas in corporate you are usually told that 'that's great, but....' You are encouraged to follow the rules and I found myself feeling like my spark was being beaten out of me.

I trained myself to follow directions and ask permission, something that did NOT come naturally to me and sometimes I see that mindset creeping in to my business. I am having to UNLEARN that behavior, recognizing that no permission is needed, that creativity is good and no biography of any entrepreneur I've ever read was filled with cautious action. 

When you become aware of some of these patterns that are impacting your business it's so much easier to navigate them. 

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