You'll Wish You Had Started Today

Jun 04, 2019

"A year from now, you will wish you had started today."


This quote used to really upset me because I felt it so hard, three years into my corporate career I was climbing the ladder and KNEW it wasn’t my long term plan, this couldn’t possibly be my life forever..


But no one was coming to save me, I had made these choices and I continued to make them.


My ‘ideas’ notebook was being filled in less and less frequently, previously a daily occurrence and I didn’t even feel like myself anymore.  The word I would use to describe it...numb


I was up for my next ‘rotation’  within the company and was offered a role that jumped a pay grade (such corporate speak) meaning over a $20k raise in salary. I was THE most excited 24 year old!


Until I started to think about what this role would mean..


At least another three years in a city I didn’t love, working on a skill set that I had built up, but...

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My Experience With Making Money

May 28, 2019

Are you aware of any of your limiting beliefs?


Last weekend I went to a conference where the overarching theme was limiting beliefs and getting out of your own damn way. 


If you don’t know what a limiting belief is here is a super quick explanation: these are beliefs that are held in your subconscious mind that you don’t believe are beliefs. You see these beliefs as truth, your world is shaped by them and they limit you in some way.


So a VERY common example that I've heard of since learning about this stuff  was the overarching belief of “I’m not enough”.

This reflects itself in entrepreneurs under pricing or over delivery, in our likelihood to follow our dreams or do something for ourselves. We hold back because subconsciously we do not believe we are enough.  What we believe about ourselves determines the actions we will take so it can become a vicious cycle.


I have heard this belief before and it never...

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Schedule Your Sales Challenge Day 3

May 21, 2019

Over the last few days, we've looked at your sales schedule— and how to set it up to help your business grow.

We’ve determined your income and impact goals over the next six weeks.

We’ve decided on which offer you’re going to sell — and have an understanding of the transformation it provides.

And we’ve put a date on the calendar  — and have selected the platform where we will be sharing our offer.

Which means that there's only one question left...


Here’s your last question for this challenge...

How exactly do you make this happen and show up so that when you release your offer, your ideal clients will want to PAY for it?

There are a couple of ways we are going to go about answering this.

First, the woo way, if you could, just for a moment, put yourself in the shoes of your future self, the gal who has already met her income and impact goal just six weeks from now.

What would she tell you she did? Write that shit down.

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Schedule Your Sales Challenge Day 2

May 14, 2019

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from leaving my corporate career and starting an online business...

It’s that build it and they will come, is NOT a thing.

We get so excited and create a program that we think is the BEST thing the internet has ever seen, we work tirelessly on the sales page, graphics, copy and launch to people who have never heard of us.. And get crickets.

So when your sales, your reach, your audience and your email list aren’t where you want them to be...

We've gotta show up, day after day and create and sell our offers that we know will transform lives.

And to do that, we've gotta create a plan to put ourselves out there consistently so that our audience wants to buy from us. 

Day 2 of Schedule Your Sales Challenge

The only way to create sales... is to put offers out to your audience.

Offers that leverage your expertise.

Offers that solve one problem.

Offers that serve your people.

Offers that convert.


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Schedule Your Sales Challenge Day 1

May 07, 2019

Day 1 of Schedule Your Sales

Today's challenge is to get absolutely 100% clear on what YOU are trying to accomplish in your business.

There are so many people who want to fast-forward to their entrepreneurship happy ending.

They want to snap their fingers to achieve the end results: the speaking gigs, the best-seller, the six figure launch or the seat on the panel.

And that’s all well and good…

But they focus too much on working and not as much on the impact that work is having.

They focus on how many posts they can put up and the "likes" they got… instead of looking at how engaged their audience is and how likely they are to buy.

They stress over what to post on social media … instead of educating their existing audience on the thing that they can really serve with.

And they're frustrated.

Lacking in ideal clients.

Feeling like they're having to act like someone else.

And forgetting why they even started this business in the first place.


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The 3 Mistakes I Made When I Started my Business & How to Avoid Them

Apr 30, 2019

The 3 Mistakes I Made When I Started my Business & How to Avoid Them

  1. Waiting far too long to DO 
  2. Practicing monkey see, monkey do
  3. Expecting to sell providing value one time


Everyone and their mother in online business seems to be selling you on their way, their solution, their method.

I know I felt that way when I first started out.

But I felt trapped in my corporate career and wanted a quick fix to get out.

So I started buying ALL the courses and programs.

And ALL the courses told me to do ALL the things.

One swore by Instagram, another taught email marketing, a third around online memberships... and the list goes on and on.

What not one of them mentioned in their ad copy, was that pretty much any method you choose, implement and stick to will work...

But you do need a way to keep the cash flowing into your business.


It’s not as sexy as saying you get paid $x per post on Instagram.

It’s not as sexy as saying your email marketing is making...

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The Fear Antidote

Apr 23, 2019

Since I have a business to help women leave corporate, I come across a lot of fear.


Fear that they’re not good enough.

Fear that they aren’t ready.

Fear that their partner or spouse won’t understand.

Fear that their contribution to their household income will change.


But all of that fear seems to be tied to one thing: Money.


Our relationship with money is impacted by so many factors, but it all goes back to the story we tell ourselves about money.


A prominent money story that I carried around with me for a couple of decades was that making money was hard work.  


I grew up hearing that money didn’t grow on trees.


And transitioning from a reliable paycheck to getting paid when I’d earned it was… let’s say… challenging.


I went into my new business with the idea that the harder I worked, the more money I would make.


Here’s when my money story changed...



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Making Decisions In Your Business

Apr 16, 2019

If you knew a way to make decisions that would leave you feeling in alignment all the damn time, would you follow it?


This is your authority as laid out in your human design body graph chart.


The Authority in your human design chart is indicative of how you are best designed to make decisions.


Like most things in human design it seems far more complicated than it is, so I have compiled a series of quotes to break down how each authority best makes decisions.


Most adults are making decisions in ways that our environment encourages, rather than what is aligned to their design.


When we are kids, we tend to follow our natural authority to make decisions because the work force hasn’t forced us to conform yet.


Personally, I have self projected authority, which means that I need to talk through decisions before I make them.


When I was younger I took full advantage of the high school guidance counselor to talk though advanced...

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What is Human Design?

Apr 09, 2019

If you could get a better understanding of why you act the way you do just by looking at a chart, would you be interested?

That is human design and I am ALWAYS interested in uncovering things about myself and others that are not readily available on the surface.

I was at social media marketing world a couple of weeks ago and I was sitting at a bar for happy hour. I started chatting with the woman next to me and after getting to know each other a bit, the conversation lead to human design.

I asked Amy, sheepishly, because you never know how people are going to respond to the woo… if she knew her human design type. Her eyes went wide and she said, I was JUST about to ask you the same thing. We geeked out over our types, she a Manifesting Generator and I, a projector and how reading our charts changed the way we moved through the world and gave us more permission to be ourselves.

Human design is a system that brings together elements of I Ching, astrology, the chakra system,...

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Asking for help

Apr 02, 2019

Do You Have a Hard Time Asking for Help? I do. ‍

No matter how badass you are or how together your business is, chances are you need some help in some area of your life.

I have always had a hard time asking for help, but it’s funny that EVERY time I ‘break down and ask’ (see my negative beliefs about that coming through). I ALWAYS feel better after I receive the help I need. Example shared in this video.
What is the one thing that you have been struggling to try and figure out or make work in your business or your life?

Let me know what you are going to ask for help with THIS WEEK that will completely change the game for you by emailing [email protected] 

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