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Uncategorized May 28, 2019

Are you aware of any of your limiting beliefs?


Last weekend I went to a conference where the overarching theme was limiting beliefs and getting out of your own damn way. 


If you don’t know what a limiting belief is here is a super quick explanation: these are beliefs that are held in your subconscious mind that you don’t believe are beliefs. You see these beliefs as truth, your world is shaped by them and they limit you in some way.


So a VERY common example that I've heard of since learning about this stuff  was the overarching belief of “I’m not enough”.

This reflects itself in entrepreneurs under pricing or over delivery, in our likelihood to follow our dreams or do something for ourselves. We hold back because subconsciously we do not believe we are enough.  What we believe about ourselves determines the actions we will take so it can become a vicious cycle.


I have heard this belief before and it never really resonated with me, I believe I am enough, I believe I am worthy, yada yada move on to the marketing tactics. But there is a different belief related to the worthiness realm that I KNOW I have. The belief that you have to do something you hate or work really hard to make money.

Naturally, this has been showing up in my business. I have been feeling like what I know and can help people implement is stuff that EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS.. Even if I have just learned it.

Intellectually I know that it isn’t true, but there is a belief there. I know this because I feel the need to add onto my programs to include every new piece of knowledge because what I already know, how I can help and what I am naturally good at can’t possibly be enough for someone to pay for. I’ve got to work for it.


Recently I created another side business with two of my girlfriends, because you know, entrepreneurs…but what was so funny about this company was that is was SO. EASY. We met twice, planned a launch party, invited the community and walah!


It is a business based on something I am interested in, but totally not the expert on. We are bringing in the experts and asked our local community if they would be interested in learning too. This evidence completely shattered the belief that making money had to be hard, a struggle or I had to do something I hated to get the dollar.


It made me look at my existing business in a new way, asking myself where I was making things more difficult.


I realized that the launch I just did for a group program teaching sales systems, I was making WAY harder than I needed it to be. I realized that while I CAN create sales systems and while I HAVE found ways that work, that isn’t actually what I want to do.


I want to help women leave behind their lives of ‘should’ and create the lives they were meant for.


This is extra ironic because this is something that I coach women through, it is so easy to see this belief playing itself out in others versus recognizing it in yourself. The key to ridding yourself of your subconscious beliefs is becoming aware of them.


Take note of the areas that aren’t going so great in your life and ask yourself if there is an underlying belief that may be keeping you in your pattern.


If you aren’t aware of these beliefs you’ll continue to work on the conscious level of strategies and tactics which won’t get rid of the stuff underneath.


Looking to start a business, but can't seem to get started? Chances are there is a belief at play.


Want to uncover what they might be? Schedule a call with me and let's uncover them together. Link in bio.


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