Schedule Your Sales Challenge Day 3

Uncategorized May 21, 2019

Over the last few days, we've looked at your sales schedule— and how to set it up to help your business grow.

We’ve determined your income and impact goals over the next six weeks.

We’ve decided on which offer you’re going to sell — and have an understanding of the transformation it provides.

And we’ve put a date on the calendar  — and have selected the platform where we will be sharing our offer.

Which means that there's only one question left...


Here’s your last question for this challenge...

How exactly do you make this happen and show up so that when you release your offer, your ideal clients will want to PAY for it?

There are a couple of ways we are going to go about answering this.

First, the woo way, if you could, just for a moment, put yourself in the shoes of your future self, the gal who has already met her income and impact goal just six weeks from now.

What would she tell you she did? Write that shit down.

It’s your intuition talking and no amount of strategy can override what you know to be true.

Second, ask yourself who you have previously purchased from and why you did that.

Me? I enrolled with my messaging coach because she was in a group I was in and helped me a ton.. Aka she solved a problem I had, and honestly, uncovered a bigger problem I didn’t even know I had.

So think about what kind of message you want to put out there so your ideal clients will resonate with it and help them to solve their problems BEFORE you offer them anything for sale.

What problems do your ideal clients have in relation to the offer you plan on selling and how can you help them solve those problems in your own way.  



Prompt #1 - Share in the Facebook group what problem are you going to help your audience solve before you offer your program or service?  What’s your primary platform where you will provide this value?


Prompt #2 - Share in the Facebook group one thing that you're committing to do moving forward from the challenge. What are you going to change / have already changed and are committed to sticking to?


Prompt #3 - Share a VIDEO in the Facebook group with the top 3 problems relating to your offer that you can help your audience solve in 20 seconds. Tell us who you are, what you stand for and WHY we should choose *you* above everyone else in your industry.  


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