Schedule Your Sales Challenge Day 2

Uncategorized May 13, 2019

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from leaving my corporate career and starting an online business...

It’s that build it and they will come, is NOT a thing.

We get so excited and create a program that we think is the BEST thing the internet has ever seen, we work tirelessly on the sales page, graphics, copy and launch to people who have never heard of us.. And get crickets.

So when your sales, your reach, your audience and your email list aren’t where you want them to be...

We've gotta show up, day after day and create and sell our offers that we know will transform lives.

And to do that, we've gotta create a plan to put ourselves out there consistently so that our audience wants to buy from us. 

Day 2 of Schedule Your Sales Challenge

The only way to create sales... is to put offers out to your audience.

Offers that leverage your expertise.

Offers that solve one problem.

Offers that serve your people.

Offers that convert.


So when the time comes, your audience will invest in YOU.

To do that, I want you to think about where and how  you can show up consistently online instead of trying to be everywhere at once.

So that creating the content you need to get more visible and having your offers be a part of your strategy doesn’t feel heavy or hard.

So here is the question I’m posing to you today...

Yesterday, I asked you what your income and impact goal for the next six weeks.

What I find with entrepreneurs within their first couple of years in business is that we put out these lofty goals for a year out, and when we do that we can’t really conceptualize the step by step actions that we need to do to get to those goals.

When we choose a goal that is only six weeks away we start thinking in tangible steps and ACTION breeds CLARITY. When we start taking action, the next steps to get to our goals become clearer.

So with that said, what are your impact (number of customers / clients transformed) and income goals to hit BEFORE JULY 1st 2019?

Think about how many times you offered your services to your clients over the past six weeks, do you have something that could really help them?

I shared on instagram, what my IMPACT goal is before July 1st plus more on how to choose this goal based on your offer and capacity.



Prompt #1 - Share in the Facebook group What is your impact / income goal for the next six weeks?

Prompt #2 - Share in the Facebook group how are you going to transform those people’s lives over the next 6 weeks? In other words, what offer are you putting in front of them? What impact will this have on them? What price point is that offer being sold for?

Prompt #3 - Share in the Facebook group The date that you have put on the calendar for when you will be opening up your offer for sales BEFORE JULY 1st and what platform you’ll be using to sell your offers. When I say platform that means are you going to be using a webinar, getting people on the phone, a sales page, a challenge, a live event or something else to convert them to paying clients?

The platform you choose should make sense for YOU and your ideal client, don’t just choose Facebook because you think you ‘should’.

BONUS - Take the rest of the dates we brainstormed yesterday and calendar those sales dates out as well. You’ll have created a plan for exactly when you’ll be offering your programs for sale and can work towards those dates.


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