Self Actualization

mindset thoughts Feb 19, 2019

Remember learning about Maslow's Hierarchy of needs in school? Back then it was something I learned for a test, and quickly forgot all about. But now, looking back I'm a bit more interested in the top of that pyramid.

Self-actualization, according to Maslow, “might be phrased as the desire to becoming more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming.” Self-actualization is basically to become the best version of yourself, and since each of us is different self-actualization manifests itself differently for each person. ⠀

At this point in my life I believe that my version of self actualization is in the creation and growth of my company, helping women create lives they love. Yours could be something completely different, an expression of your art, or being a mom. ⠀

You have to fulfill the other four lower level needs first, before your journey into self actualization. In case you’re like me and don’t remember what those four other needs were, here they are, from the base up.

  1. Physiological needs: Needs that keep us alive. Food, water, shelter, warmth, and sleep.
  2. Safety needs: The need to feel secure, stable, and unafraid.
  3. Love and belongingness needs: The need to belong socially, developing relationships with friends and family.
  4. Esteem needs: The need to feel self-esteem based on one’s achievements & abilities and recognition & respect from others.
  5. Self-actualization needs: The need to pursue and fulfill one’s unique potentials.

Do you know what is really interesting about this list from the perspective of an entrepreneur? 3,4 and 5 can be best done in a group of people who are all trying to accomplish the same thing.⠀

Surrounding ourselves with other entrepreneurs who are being pulled to create something greater and reach self actualization makes us BETTER.

Other entrepreneurs understand what we are trying to achieve and why, fulfilling esteem, love and belongingness needs.

So if you don’t have yourself a group of fellow entrepreneurs find one ASAP, with me or without me.

If you want to do it with me, I've got two options for you; working together in my group program MOMENTUM! OR applying to come on my Business Building Immersion Retreat in Bali. 


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