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Business Building Immersion Retreat: Bali, Indonesia

You're ready to Create Your Future and build your online business. Let's do it with a little bit of 'woo' and a lot of practicality, awakening the freest version of YOU. 

November 23rd - December 1st 

A Lifetime Thinking About it.
Just 7 Days to Make it Happen

You're sensing the persisting presence that there has to be something more.

Imagine creating a life of fulfillment and purpose where you discover your true potential.

It's moments after sunrise and the first rays of light are breaking through the windows of your luxury hotel room. You quietly get dressed appreciating the stillness of the morning and venture through the spiritual center of Bali, you find yourself meandering through the graduated terrace steps of the rice fields watching the city come to life.

You make your way into the electric atmosphere of the coworking space and the energy ignites your passion to create something meaningful that has been suppressed for far too long. 

You have come here with a purpose, to create the life and business you know you're capable of having and  to become the CEO that has been laying dormant. 

This is for you if...

You're tired of being totally unfulfilled in a job you kinda hate, but know you should be 'grateful for'. 

You're sick of scheduling your life around your work, asking for vacation days and being sucked into corporate drama.

You're craving something more, something meaningful, something you were meant to do.

You're tired of putting off your dreams and passions until next year, or someday, when you have time or when you aren't so busy.

You're done surrounding yourself with people who bring you down, tell you you're crazy and bosses who micromanage

Imagine having an online business that you are just absolutely obsessed with - y'know? Work you love. Clients you look forward to talking to. Days you spending doing things you actually want to do. Filled with purpose and meaning.  

Imagine scheduling your work around your life, getting to do what you want, when you want. 

Imagine meeting people from all realms of life who feel the way you do– who get your priorities and talking about your goals feeling heard and understood.  

Imagine being able to travel anywhere in the world, taste mind-blowing food, and experience a new culture – ALL while you're building your online business. 

Here's why should you join us on The Business Building Immersion Retreat

You'll walk away with your corporate escape plan mapped out, your 90 day business strategy implementation plan, content created for your social channels, nine new fabulous women who will support the hell out of you and photos to use in all your marketing from our photo shoot. 

It's the perfect opportunity to welcome the mystery and magical direction of the universe into your life in the spiritual center of Bali. 

It's a chance of a lifetime to create and celebrate with others as you unlock the power of your potential.

You know you have been craving to connect with your purpose, and you're ready to be immerse yourself through traditional Balinese ceremony. 

This is your moment to step away from your default path and consciously co create the most empowered and freest version of yourself. 

Searching for a way to build your business that doesn't feel so lonely and disconnected? Search no more, throughout our seven day journey together you'll experience more support and love than you ever dreamed possible in the most high vibe location on earth.  Plus, I'll show you how to awaken your inner entrepreneur, before we leave you'll literally be open for business and following your purpose. 

Feeling restless, like there has got to be something more, but don't know where to start? Well so you are! While we're together I'll pass along all of the knowledge tools and support you need to meet you where you are on your journey.  

Have a sense that there's got to be more to creating the life you love than just "doing" all the items on your list? You couldn't be more right, and through our traditional ceremonies throughout the week of letting go, cleansing and grounding you'll experience how you want to "be" in the world. 

Does this sound like YOU? If So, You're Officially Invited to apply for the...

Business Building Immersion Retreat

The Venue

Indonesia, the world's largest island country is nestled between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and Bali lies on one of these high points of energy where the Ley Lines travel. Ley Lines are said to be lines of energy that coil around the Earth.

This may just be one of the many reasons that travelers and locals alike comment on the rare spiritual energy that exists here. Bali is the definition of High Vibe, making it the perfect place to chase your dreams.

Ubud is the spiritual center of Bali and has managed to embrace the progress of the 21st century (think amazing wifi and instagramable cafe's) and still retain its ancient traditions, culture and religion. It is truly a unique destination for inner and outer work. 


Where You'll Be Staying:

Stay in this beautiful hotel minutes from our world renowned co-working space, in your own luxury room with a balcony and access to this glorious lagoon pool, a rooftop garden and free wifi access throughout. 

Enjoy breakfast here each morning and an hour long massage upon arrival included with your retreat ticket. 

Where You'll be Creating:

Named one of the top 10 co-working locations in the world by Forbes magazine here we will do daily trainings and implement what we've learned to create your online business. Plus you'll have 24/7 access so you'll be able to plug in whenever inspiration hits you. Grab a table looking out at the rice fields, or a bean bag by the pool.

They refer to themselves as " a place where dreamers and truth-seekers could recover from the life they no longer believed in, and create something soul-affirming for themselves." and I couldn't be more excited about bringing you there. 

I'm Ready to START My Business in Bali

There are only 9 spots, is one of them yours? 

Here's what's happening from November 23rd - December 1st, 2019

Saturday November 23rd : Arrive in Ubud, check in to your luxury hotel room as pictured! Sign up for your hour long massage to prepare your body for the incredible week ahead. 

Sunday November 24th : Meet the new additions to your tribe, nine women who will support you on this incredible journey of entrepreneurship. I'll lead you through our first training and then you'll have an opportunity to present your business or idea to the group and get get concentrated, valuable feedback & give it. 

We will finish our first evening together with a powerful 'letting go' exercise to release what will not serve us on our mission. 

Monday November 25th: Based on the feedback you received in your hot seat you'll refine your minimal viable offer and we'll create a plan for the week.

Implementation & Exploration: Three hours set aside to implement your fresh learning and ideas into your business then go out into Bali and Explore. 

Tuesday November 26th: Experience a session with a traditional Balinese healer and prepare an offering, also known as canang sari, which carries deep significance and meaning to the people of Indonesia as a sacred form of gratitude and a wish for peace and abundance in the world.

Our lives are so much richer when we step away from the to-do list and refocus on our state of “being.” 

Wednesday November 27th: We'll get crystal clear on your messaging and how you'd like to show up online. 

Implementation: Three hours set aside to implement your fresh learning and ideas into your business.

Participate in a sound healing experience to ready yourself to share your message.

Thursday November 28th: Sales baby, because your business ain't nothin without 'em. 

Implementation: Three hours set aside to implement your fresh learning and ideas into your business.

Friday November 29th: Tech Training! Don't let this get in your way, we'll do it in a day. Website, Email Set up & Social Profiles. 

Implementation & Exploration: Three hours set aside to implement your fresh learning and ideas into your business or go then into Bali to Explore. 

Saturday November 30th: Spend your last day getting really clear on your next steps, having an offer available for sale and a plan to profitability. 

Farewell Dinner: The most perfect way to spend Thanksgiving, showing gratitude to yourself for making this the year you changed your life. A champagne toast to your new business and new friendships!

Sunday December 1st: Tear filled goodbyes! Depart Ubud

I'm Ready to Build My Business In Bali

Ready for an immersion into the Business Building Bali Life?

What's Included:

  • 7 Days and 8 Nights private accommodation in a luxury Balinese hotel with your own ensuite. Walking distance to Ubud City Center. 
  • 6 morning deep dive sessions designed to help you build your business and get you from idea to business by the time you leave. 
  • 3 traditional Balinese ceremonies designed to align your body, mind and soul for success. 
  • Excursions to sacred sites.
  • 7 delicious breakfasts
  • 24/7 access to our co-working space (one of Forbes' top 10 co-working spaces on earth). 
  • Designated implementation time for feedback, questions and focused work sessions. 
  • Hot seats where you'll present your business ideas to the group and get unique feedback and fresh eyes. 
  • 1 hour long massage upon your arrival at the hotel to soothe your muscles after a long flight.
  • A local SIM Card that you can use with your unlocked phone with prepaid Internet (5GB)
  • A farewell dinner on our last night together. 
  • A private Facebook group to meet each other before the trip begins so you can network, plan out travel dates and arrange any activities you MUST do in Bali. 
  • Airport Pick Up and Drop Off from Ngurah Rai International Airport to our hotel villa. 
  • Schedule is over US Thanksgiving to ensure you take as few vacation days as possible. PLUS it's the temperature ranges between 73 - 81 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Surprise goodies just for attendees.. you'll have to join us to see!  


About Lauren

I’m Lauren Armstrong, and it is my mission in life to help women realize their potential and live into possibilities they didn’t know existed. I help them break free from being stuck in the corporate rat race and create an online business that allows them to live life on their own terms. I’m here to equip you with the tools, the plan and accountability to create something profitable that actually lights you up!

I’m committed to this journey because a few years ago, I was just like you. I was an advertising & sales major working for a huge oil company, stuck in a ‘open concept’ cube. I was totally unfulfilled in my career, working on projects I didn’t really care about and felt totally replaceable at the place I spent the majority of my life. Sure, I made six figures, had a pension and could buy an extra week of vacation and I knew I should be grateful for the gig, and I was, but I still felt unfulfilled. I could sense, deep down, there had to be something more.

Once I made the decision that I needed to leave my corporate career I positioned myself to do it with as much grace and ease as possible. I picked a date one year in advance and I set to work learning everything I could about online business (and there was a LOT). But the real magic began when I started applying it.

When I was in corporate I looked for something like this, an experience that would take me somewhere new, teach me what I needed to know and help me do it every step of the way. Maybe that seems like too much to ask, but it didn't exist. So I created it. 

I have found what works, what doesn't and Created Future Academy allows me to help guide women during this transition from corporate to CEO and get clear on the steps they actually need from start to finish to create their online business.

Here's why the Business Building Immersion: Bali Retreat is THE place to be.

The Common Retreat and  Conference Experience that I've Seen

  • 3 - 5 Days of jam packed content with 2-4 nights in a shared villa.
  • Spend the entire time in a conference room not even getting to explore the city or country you're in.
  • Getting a brand new notebook to write down all your brilliant insights and ideas down in. And then getting home and having no time to actually DO any of them. 
  • Getting super inspired, just to go home and be back in the same environment that's been holding you back with a couple of cool new tricks.
  • Meeting a some new people, liking their Facebook Business Page, but not really forming any lasting relationships. Continue building your business on your own.
  • VIP Tickets required to even ask questions of presenters.

Experience at The Business Building Immersion Retreat in Bali

  • 7 Days for content, coworking and exploring. 8 Nights in a luxury hotel. You get your own room and bathroom. No shared villas here. 
  • Time set aside to explore Bali, because not only do I want you to feel like you're on vacation, but because when you disconnect and take your mind of the business the BEST ideas flow to you.
  • Creating your business in just 7 days. From idea to bonafide business, a true immersion, taking you out of your element and putting you in THIS one.
  • Application of the training day after day, so your notebook is filled with not only ideas, but action plans and finished to do lists.
  • Hot Seat value from the group is priceless and the tribe you create from this experience can't be beat. 
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Your Retreat Investment

*Choose this option to get a 90 minute 1:1 Strategy Session with Lauren

Payment Plan Options:

5 Monthly Payments of $777


A down-payment of $1k with 7 Payments of $415

Save Your Seat for the Bali Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

No, international flights are not included.

You should arrive into Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) on November 23rd and depart on December 1st to take advantage of the airport pick up and drop off. 

If you'd like to come early or stay later, that can be arranged. Just be sure to mention it in your application. 

You should arrive into Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) on November 23rd and depart on December 1st to take advantage of the airport pick up and drop off. 

If you'd like to come early or stay later, that can be arranged. Just be sure to mention it in your application. 

Breakfast is included, but any meals or drinks outside of breakfast are on your own. 

There are so many gorgeous and totally instagramable restaurants in the area with all types of cuisine.

Any website hosting, customer management software or email service provider will be on your own to purchase but I have recommendations for them all.

This will be covered on our welcome call before the trip!


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