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mindset vision Sep 04, 2018

One of the reasons that I named my business the Created Future Academy is because we all have the ability to create whatever future we desire.

First in our minds and then in our reality.

Our future only exists in our mind so we can really have any future we want... right?

It hasn’t happened yet, it isn’t real. Just like our interpretation of our past experiences, that isn’t real either, it’s in our minds. Sure it happened, but it's our interpretation of what happened. 

Dan Sullivan says that your future is your property. You can do anything you want with it. I really love thinking about life this way.

You are given the choice to think about your future any way you want, yet so many people dread their future. But that future they are dreading was created by their imagination...

Your future doesn’t have to be determined by your past experiences. You can make decisions based on alternative outcomes in your MIND. It’s all imaginary, because it isn’t here yet.

Being realistic is creating that future in your mind based on your past experiences and limited imagination for what is possible. It’s just the default if life happens TO YOU. 

Why do we consistently choose to project onto our future a version of our past that isn’t necessarily true. A version of the past, of the default as if we have no say? Most people's versions of their imagined future are just their pasts, but slightly improved... 

Imagine you can create anything you want for your future with unlimited possibilities and creativity.

What does that future look like to you? Imagine that anything is possible because it is. CREATE that future. 


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