Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2019

If I were sitting across from you right now and asked you what you wanted from life, would you have an answer?

I’ve asked the question “what do you want?” to so many people and it’s mind blowing how many people have absolutely no idea.

But that used to be me, for the longest time I thought that what I wanted for my life was the traditional corporate career, working my way up the corporate ladder, a 401k, success in all the ‘right ways’. But when I stopped to ask myself what I actually wanted and looked around at the life I was creating I realized “oh shit, this isn’t what I want at all”.

I had the come to Jesus moment where I had to look at my life and ask myself what I wanted, and since it didn’t fit into this mold. I had no idea.

So I started looking at the individual elements of my life to gain some perspective making a list of what made up my current reality and what I wanted for my life.

By getting clear on what I wanted, I chose to move to San Francisco with my company for a sales role. It included working from a home office, a corporate car and traveling around the bay area 3-5 days per week in business casual clothing.

Notice that I did not choose the higher paying job, because it wasn’t aligned with what I wanted next in my life. Sure, it was more money, but the situation would have been the exact same. I chose the sales role for a year, and then I reevaluated. 

Notice that the change didn’t happen at once. This may not align with the way you want to grow your business or create your future, maybe you are more comfortable with big leaps, but for me, these baby steps made all the difference.

I was looking at what I didn't like or want in my life and asking myself the question “What do I want?”. Sometimes it's a little too grand to think about your life as a whole and what you want to create, but if you look at the pieces that you know you don’t want to continue doing, it is far easier to determine what you do want.

When I woke up to the fact that I had a choice in the matter, that I didn’t need to continue down my default path, I was thankful for the polarity.

“Within the darkest of life's perceived trials and hardships lies the means as well as the ability to find and experience the light." - Chuck Danes

I have continued to ask myself ‘What do I want?’ as my business has grown and have found that the stuff that works out best comes from the place of aligned action. Meaning, I am working towards what I want and it’s in alignment with my goals. I am creating my future.

What is going on in your current reality that you would like to change? Let me know in the comments below.


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