Are you someone's sign?

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2019

Do you believe that the Universe has your back?

I totally do and there are so many things in my life that I thank the universe for, happy coincidences, great ‘luck’, courage and confidence to go after my dreams. The list goes on and on. 

But have you ever thought of yourself as part of someone else’s universe?

Recently on a flight from Finland to Amsterdam I sat next to this adorable French woman who was probably in her early to late 20s. We started talking about why she was in Finland (to study for a graduate program) and she was headed home to France. 

She decided to go back to school because she was a little unsure about what to do with her life, she had started out in banking because it was what made the most money and realized that her passion was in both environmental issues and fashion. 

Naturally we started talking about passion, purpose and who we are meant to be during this life and I asked her if she knew her Human Design. She said she didn’t know it, and after some explanation she told me she was eager to research it upon landing that it may generate some insights for her about her path. 

We continued to talk about life, love and essentially the pursuit of happiness and then she said “The universe brought me here, I left right after school ended earlier than planned because I felt I needed to get home. I was supposed to sit next to you. Thank you.” 

I know this might seem so obvious to an outsider, but to me this was the first time that I had ever thought of myself as a piece of someone else’s universal blessings. Me. Just sitting here on a plane getting from point A to point B, I was supposed to have this conversation. 

This conversation about a topic that for so long I was even afraid to bring up or touch on for fear of judgment or ridicule. On a mode of transportation that I am usually passed out on before we even take off. 

So many times we think that our desires or interests are passing phases, wishful thinking or unrealistic, but what if those desires play a role in the universe’s unfolding? 

What if we all went after what we were called to do, or felt a nagging persistence to try?

What if those desires were put there for a reason? 

What if pursuing them was the secret to changing the world? 

I am so thankful to be following a dream, passion, obsession and I want that for you too, so we can do our part to change the world. 

Want to talk it through? I’d love to hear all about it. Schedule some time with me here.


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