Human Design Session

$647.00 USD

1:1 One Hour Human Design Chart Reading

What you'll get:

  • A detailed report of your design
  • Answer to any specific questions you may have about your energy and your business
  • Recording of our live session 
  • Projector Guidance

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I can't wait to share how you're wired for exactly what you're meant for!

What People Are Saying:

I had a fear of paying money for something I did not understand and feeling like I could find this info for free somewhere else. After meeting with Lauren, it was maybe the best money I've ever invested in myself! I now will be able to be my best version of myself in all facets of life with this knowledge! Lauren's knowledge helped connect the dots for me in a supportive and loving way to give me the guidance I needed vs just researching this online. Our conversation was SO much more powerful than words on a website. I am eternally grateful for Lauren offering this service and helping me!

This was a revelation for me AND a permission slip run my business the way I WANT TO instead of feeling like I need to do everything. I also have better insights on my personal life and knowing that my energy to work and create goes in waves. It has allowed me to accept that if I don't have that creative energy flowing, to be OK with that instead of being mad at myself for not being able to "make progress." This allows me to know when I need to take a break to keep me from being burned out.

Yes! Lauren introduced me to my human design & in turn introduced me to myself. She helped me to understand that the doubts that I feel in my mind are loops that from my open head center, but the gut instinct knowing that I have is my sacral authority. She helped me to understand that the knowing I have within is my superpower that I was born with to guide my life & my business. She also helped me to uncover evidence of that superpower in action.

Lauren is a gifted visionary and she has an incredible ability to help you focus on creating a business direction that aligns with both professional and personal goals. After working with Lauren, I'm thrilled and excited about the new vision and direction for my business! I feel proud of all that I've accomplished in such a short period of time.

My life is so much less stressful than it was before I met Lauren. I thought I had to work a regular 9 to 5 schedule in order to be productive and worthy of the pay I was receiving. With Lauren's help, I've been able to break down and say signora to the typical expectations this culture has about work AND feel proud of myself for and celebrate my wins.

Lauren intuitively met me exactly where I was carrying my pain and managed to liquidate my angst with compassionate empathy. Her perception is amazingly accurate as she gauged my consciousness in the present moment. I adored this meeting of a fractal reflection- it was truly healing.

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