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Have you done all the programs, been building your business, had some success, but KNOW that you want your business to feel a little more ‘like you’?

Leverage is an offer development program where we teach you how to create your next offer and marketing plan so that you can build and grow your business in a sustainable way for your energy type.

Rather than taking a look at all of the shoulds and then molding yourself to fit that, we take a look at YOU and what would be the fullest expression of how you can make a difference in the world.

This program is for the entrepreneur who:


  • Is ready to step out of the endless cycle of following other people’s processes and is ready to develop their own.
  • Who wants their offers and their business to feel good, and like an expression of themselves and their work.
  • Wants to show up in their business as their most authentic self
  • Are ready to move in the direction of what feels right for you and actually start making some money and impact?


This program is NOT for the entrepreneur who:


  • Is not willing to look at yourself and make some changes to the way you run your business. If it isn’t broken, it doesn’t need to be fixed. And that is beautiful.
  • Wants to LEARN human design, I will absolutely show you how to use yours and leverage it in your business in this program. But Human Design is a deep and integrated system, if you would like to learn it I recommend a certification program. You can DM me for details if this is something you’re looking for.
  • Is looking for a step by step fill in the blank template, we go deep here.



Working with clients on leveraging their unique human design has made massive shifts in their income and impact.
If you're looking for a more effective strategy to sell more services and make a deeper impact without DOING more this may be for you.
Are you ready to shift your way of BEing in your business?
Are you ready to generate more clients with ease?
Are you ready to shift into and embody a feeling of satisfaction and success?


"Investing in something unknown is always a bit scary, but this program isn't just another group that will make you feel supported while you're in it and then leave you with nothing tangible at the end. This is about truly learning how to access and step into the power that already exists in all of us and it will not only change how you run your business, but it will change how you think, how you act, and how you interact in all your relationships. It's informative, supportive, and will make you feel more seen and understood than anything you've ever tried in the past."

Ranee Parker

"This program is the key to unlocking liberation and freedom to do things the way that feels right to you in your business. It is so valuable in gaining additional information into how you work best as an individual and gives you permission to be who you really are in life and business. Also, Lauren is a talented and knowledgeable leader that asks all the right questions and creates a supportive container for growth."

Julie Nelson
Life Coach

"It's literally the most life-changing thing I've ever done for my business -- AND my life. It made me feel free to be me to the fullest degree by simply unlocking the key of who I am. Things were finally starting to move and change in my business. It opened the doors to allow new 1:1 clients to come in, new group coaching clients, and set me on track to make the most money I've ever made in my business!"

Katrina Widener
Entrepreneur Coach

"I feel amazing! Like I have a peace of the puzzle that I didn’t have before and the piece just happens to be giant! Human Design is LIFE!"

Kara Mayhew
Integrative Nutritionist




Leverage Program

BONUS* Creating A Magnetic Offer Program

Offer Creation Tool

Monthly Coaching and Q&A Calls (6)

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Leverage Program

BONUS* Creating A Magnetic Offer Program

Offer Creation Tool

Monthly Coaching and Q&A Calls (6)

Lifetime Access

Join Us!

"Lauren's Human Design for Business program completely changed how I view and operate my business. Before going through the program I was listening to big entrepreneurs and doing what they told me to do, but nothing 100% worked. It wasn't until I understood my human design type and how I am wired that things started to fall into place. I learned that I should work less, outsource more, that my network is my net worth and so much more. And by making small changes I started making more money and worked less and felt completely at peace. After attending Lauren's Human Design Integration weekend in San Diego, I learned even more about myself, my business and what motivates me. I made a lot of massive changes and could not be happier. All this to say, if you're considering one of Lauren's programs or experiences - take it through your decision making strategy and if it feels right - do it! Lauren's program and retreat has been more powerful than all the business programs I have done combined. Thank you so much Lauren - you have changed my life!"

Brooke Dumas
Event Producer

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